Illinois Skateboard Shops – Where to Find Them

Whether it's wheels, trucks, bearings, decks, griptape, skate tools, hats, shirts, shoes, hoodies, helmets and other protective gear, or other accessories which a skateboarder enthusiast may be looking for, it is likely to be found in one of Many popular skateboard shops in illinois. Like any other sport, skateboarding requires a little equipment, and that's something more than one Illinois retailer is ready to provide.

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Skaters who have visited skateparks such as Inwood Skatepark in Joliet, Illinois may be familiar with Jerics Skate Shop, a skateboarding retailer that has locations in Joliet and Plainfield. Like any other one of the skateboard shops in illinois, Jerics Skate Shop has a full selection of items which every skateboarder and skateboarding enthusiast has come to expect from a retailer specializing in the necessities of the sport.
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Jerics carries a large selection of complete boards, decks, trucks, wheels, longboards, and clothing; Videos are available, too, and Jerics even offers skateboarding lessons at a starting price of about twenty dollars. Jerics Skate Shop in Joliet can be found on 2233 W. Jefferson St. in Joliet, Illinois, and can be reached at (815) 741-3305. Jerics Skate Shop in Plainfield is located at 15420 Route 59 in Plainfield, Illinois, and can be called at (815) 439-5717.

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Natives of Peoria, Illinois, may be more accredited to Airwaves Sk8works just south of Northwoods Mall at 2519 W Reservoir Blvd. Peoria skaters headed to Airwaves will find all the skateboarding accessories they may need as well as hats, shirts, hoodies, wallets, and backpacks from familiar brands such as Enjoi, Birdhouse, Flip, Habitat, Girl, and more.
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Airwaves also offers skaters a complete range of helmets and safety gear in addition to the accouterments many of them may need in order to complete their deck. Helmets, elbow pads, knee pads, wrist guards, shoe inserts, and shoes are all items which are regularly kept in stock. Airwaves Sk8works is open from 12:30 to 8:30 Monday through Friday, until 7:30 on Saturday, until 5:30 on Sunday, and can be reached by phone at (309) 681-1800.

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Chicago skaters will be likely to search out the whereabouts of FA Skateboard Shop at 567 South Arthur Ave. in Arlington Heights, another location in terms of skateboard shops in illinois in which shoppers familiar with skateboarding can find popular items. Skateboards, snowboards, shoes, and other items are available at the Arlington Heights skateboard shop, and FA Skateboard Shop can be called at (847) 392-3377.

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For many supporters and participants of the skateboarding, buying or maintaining a skateboard, as well as purchasing some of the accessories which go with it, is a necessary part of the process which requires a trip to a retailer for a few much desired supplies. The least that a skateboarder may need is the skateboard itself, consisting of the deck, griptape, trucks, wheels, and bearings, and many skateboard shops in Illinois to provide the needed equipment.

Illinois – The Canary in the Coal Mine

A few months ago, we highlighted how Illinois was broke and that it would soon be the first state to have a junk bond rating. After all, the state has gone over two years operating without a budget.

The state is in shambles, running up $ 15 billion in unpaid bills, and according to CNN Money Watch, Illinois' unfunded pension liabilities increased 25% in one year to over $ 250 billion.

In an attempt to raise revenues, the state officials did what all politicians and bureaucrats do, they raised every form of tax and fee possible. In fact, their proposed solution to overcome their $ 6 billion budget deficit is to raise taxes by $ 5 billion, or $ 1,125 per household per year.

The problem there is that people are leaving Illinois in droves. In 2016, almost 90% of all Illinois counties saw their population shrink. For the third year in a row, Illinois leads the US with the number of residents leaving the state. The population of Illinois is now the lowest it has been in a decade.

It is not just residents that are leaving, as businesses say they are being hit with a perfect storm of regulations and tax hikes this summer, putting a damper on hopes for business expansion and jobs growth.

"Earning a profit is getting to be a dirty word," Mark Grant, Illinois state director of the National Federation of Independent Business, told Illinois News Network.

In her frustration with lawmakers, the state's comptroller Suzana Mendoza stated …

"I do not know what part of 'We are in massive crisis mode' the General Assembly and the governor does not understand. This is not a false alarm."

States are not like Federal governments who can print money out of thin air. States are more like real businesses in that they must balance their budgets as there is only so much money and credit available.

Illinois is the canary in the coal mine. It is an early warning that Governments have made outlandish promises to workers in the form of unsustainable pensions funds, and these obligations can never be met.

Puerto Rico had a similar scenario a few months ago, basically they were bankrupt. Illinois is the second alarm in the US, and there will be many more to follow.

Politicians and government officials all over the globe have made promises that can never be met. The winners are those who get to collect on those promises right away, while the losers are those who are stuck with the bills long after the politicians have retired on their pensions.

For Illinois, the problems just magnify. By mismanaging their borrowers for so long, investors are now fleeing Illinois bonds. This has caused a sharp spike in bond spreads on Illinois general obligation bonds, making it costlier for the already cash-strapped state to borrow.
The state's pension crisis threatens to burden taxpayers with massive, ever-escalating taxes to bail out a system that is simply not sustainable. And every day Illinois goes without a solution to its pension crisis, the state's pension debt increases by over $ 20 million.

And Illinois is not alone, this problem is widespread. Later we will show how big the US federal liabilities problem is.

Over three years ago we warned of a global debt crisis that would destroy most investors. That crisis is now underway. Understand what is unfolding, and have a plan to protect your family's financial future.

Stay tuned!

Payroll Illinois, Unique Aspects of Illinois Payroll Law and Practice

The Illinois State Agency that oversees the collection and reporting of State income taxes deducted from payment checks is:

Department of Revenue

101 W. Jefferson St.

PO Box 19022

Springfield, IL 62794-9022

(217) 785-0970

(800) 732-8866 (in state)

Illinois requires that you use Illinois form "IL-W-4, Employee's Illinois Withholding Allowance Certificate" instead of Federal W-4 Form for Illinois State Income Tax Withholding.

Not all states allow salary reductions made under Section 125 cafeteria plans or 401 (k) to be treated in the same manner as the IRS code allows. In Illinois cafeteria plans are: not taxable for income tax calculation; not taxable for unemployment insurance purposes if used to purchase medical life insurance. 401 (k) plan deferrals are: not taxable for income taxes; taxable for unemployment purposes.

In Illinois supplementary wages are taxed at a 3.0% flat rate.

You must file your Illinois state W-2s by magnetic media if you have at least 250 employees and are required to file your federal W-2s by magnetic media.

The Illinois State Unemployment Insurance Agency is:

Department of Employment Security

401 S. State St.

Chicago, IL 60605-1289

(312) 793-5700

The State of Illinois taxable wage base for unemployment purposes is wages up to $ 9,800.00.

Illinois requires Magnetic media reporting of quarterly wage reporting if the employer has at least 250 employees that they are reporting that quarter.

Unemployment records must be retained in Illinois for a minimum period of five years. This information generally includes: name; social security number; dates of hire, rehire and termination; wages by period; pay pay periods and pay dates; date and circumstances of termination.

The Illinois State Agency charged with enforcing the state wage and hour laws is:

Department of Labor

Labor Law Enforcement

160 North LaSalle, Ste. C1300

Chicago, IL 60601

(312) 793-2800


The minimum wage in Illinois is $ 6.50 per hour.

The general provision in Illinois concerned paying overtime in a non-FLSA covered employer is one and one half times regular rate after 40-hour week.

Illinois State new hire reporting requirements are that every employer must report every new hire and rehire. The employer must report the federally required elements of:

  • Employee's name
  • Employee's address
  • Employee's social security number
  • Employer's name
  • Employers address
  • Employer's Federal Employer Identification Number (EIN)

This information must be reported within 20 days of the hiring or rehiring.
The information can be sent as a W4 or equivalent by mail, fax or electronically.
There is a $ 15, $ 500 penalty for a late report in Illinois.

The Illinois new hire-reporting agency can be reached at 800-327-4473 or on the web at []

Illinois does not allow compulsory direct deposit

Illinois requires the following information on an employee's pay stub:

  • itemized discounts
  • Illinois requires that employee be paid no less often than semimonthly; monthly for FLSA-exempt employees; union contract can provide different intervals.

    Illinois requires that the lag time between the end of the pay period and the payment of wages to the employee not exceeded semimonthly-13 days; weekly-7days; monthly-21 days; daily-1 day.

    Illinois payroll law requires that involuntarily terminated employees must be paid their final pay immediately immediately if possible, if not, by next regular payday; next regular payday if suspended due to labor dispute or temporarily laid off and that voluntarily terminated employees must be paid immediately if possible; if not, by next regular payday.

    Deceased employee's unpaid wages must be paid when normally due to the person owed for funeral expenses, spouse, or child after small estate affidavit; estate no over $ 15,000.

    Escheat laws in Illinois require that unclaimed wages be paid over to the state after five years.

    The employer is further required in Illinois to keep a record of the wages abandoned and turned over to the state for a period of 5 years.

    Illinois payroll law mandates no more than 40% of minimum wage may be used as a tip credit.

    In Illinois the payroll laws covering mandatory rest or meal breaks are those employees must have 20 minutes during first 5 hours of 7and a half-hour shift.

    Alabama statute requires that wage and hour records be kept for a period of not less than five years. These records will normally consist of at least the information required under FLSA.

    The Illinois agency charged with enforced Child Support Orders and laws is:

    Division of Child Support Enforcement

    Department of Public Aid

    509 S. 6th St.

    Springfield, IL 62701

    (800) 447-4278


    Illinois has the following provisions for child support discounts:

    • When to start Withholding? 14 working days after the withholding order is delivered to the employer.
    • When to send Payment? Within 7 days of Payday.
    • When to send Termination Notice? "Promptly."
    • Maximum Administrative Fee? $ 5 per payment.
    • Withholding Limits? Federal Rules under CCPA.

    Please note that this article is not updated for changes that can and will happen from time to time.