Rent to Own – Rent Option Your New Florida Home – Scam Alert – Part 4

Not all realtors are able to help you with the keys to your new home in Florida with the point of view of their own rent, lease option or lease-purchase.

Smooth talking will not do it.

Expensive designer clothes will not make it.

The most expensive PDA-mobile phone is attached to the side of their head will not do it.

And it's brilliant BMW will not do it either.

Real estate agents who do not specialize in the rent, to be able to Florida home can actually hurt you more than they help you.

They do not understand your financial status – they are trained and are used to working with customers from «A» credit and large down payments.

They do not know how to protect their interests with specialized documents involved in the office in his own house transactions. This lack of understanding can put you in the suras & # 39; oznay legal risk when a realtor is trying to offer rental services on their own were simply forced to Kinkos or Office Depot is looking for a lease, purchase and sale.

Ideally, you want to collaborate with the Realtor, specializing in and working full-time, with rent to own home opportunities, not Realtor who reluctantly trying to rent-to-only if his / her line "A" buyers runs dry.

A realtor who specializes in the rental, to be able to be in Florida to realize the importance of home inspections and disclosures, such as property, the homeowner and mold.

This is a licensed rental home for their own specialist will also inform you of any community area development (CDD) consequences.

He / she will also study comparable sales and aggressively negotiate on your behalf for the best deal on your new home.

The aim of both sides must be to achieve a successful transfer of ownership at the end of the lease term.

The bottom line is that the Realtor should specialize in rent with option to buy capacity or it does not matter how many good houses, Realtor can be found on the MLS.

If you can not qualify to buy a house, which Realtor to represent you, you can not buy a house.

Your situation calls for owner financing rent to have the condition, and you need a referral to mortgage professionals who are focused on working with people with damaged credit.

The quality of companies providing credit repair services will also benefit you as you're working during the lease term to improve the damaged credit.

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