Qivana – So Who Really is This Dr Layman?

Doctor Donald Layman began his college education at Illinois State University in 1972, where he earned his BS and his MS in Chemistry. His PhD. In Biochemistry and Nutrition was earned at the University of Minnesota in 1977.

He has served as the Assistant Professor of Nutrition in 1978 at the University of Illinois. His promotion to Associate Professor came in 1983 with the title of Professor of Nutrition in the Dept of Food Science and Human nutrition in 1989.

His research has been recognized around the world in the areas of amino acid metabolism, growth and development of skeletal muscle, interactions of food substances & exercise, and the regulation of protein synthesis in high protein fat loss diet programs.

Dr Layman sat on the editorial board as Associate Editor of the Journal of Nutrition and currently is the Associate Editor of Nutrition and Metabolism and is on the editorial board of the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior.

Dr Layman has a very extensive resume to say the least. He has served in the University of Illinois' administration with 2 yrs holding the title of Chair of the Foods & Nutrition program and an additional 5 yrs being the Director of the School of Human Resources & Family Studies and also the Asst. Director of the Agricultural Experiment Station.

From 1995 forward, he served on several other boards including Human Sciences of the Nat'l Association for State Universities and Grant Colleges and as an adviser on several USDA research projects as well. Additionally, Dr. Layman has over 90 peer reviewed publications.

Because of his extensive research, Dr. Layman has been presented with awards by:

In 1986-The American Society for Nutritional Sciences

In 1992-The Nat'l Institutes of Health

In 2009-The Nutrition & Metabolism Society

Dr. Layman has been presented with several awards and recognitions for his nutritional instruction at the University of Illinois as well.

Almost every type of protein powder or protein bar available these days were somehow based on the research & studies performed by Dr. Layman over the last 30 yrs on protein synthesis and human metabolism.

Most recently, Dr Layman has partnered up with the Qivana and bought a system to market through the MLM model called the Qivana Metaboliq System. He had been searching for over 10 years after deciding to partner with Qivana so he unveiled a 15 yr license for the Metaboliq system.

The 3 month program is a "whole body" approach to adjusting our metabolism, utilizing protein and carb percentage portion control. Because the Qivana Metaboliq System is based on 30 years of real science and proven human clinical trials, instead of fad dieting, gimmicks, or smoke and mirrors and popular Hollywood trends, you can expect to see actual improvements in the quality of life, mood, stress levels along with muscle tone, less fat and generally just more energy.

Dr. Layman says "The Qivana Metaboliq System lifestyle teachers you how to correctly use proteins & carbohydrates to fuel your body, burn excess fat and improve your body composition."

Qivana has set itself apart with top notch product development and a first rate executive team no doubt. But surprisingly it seems they teach their new reps to concentrate primarily on the warm market approach. It certainly has it's place, but is not the primary way to build a MLM business today, unless of course failure is something you're looking for …. let's do not kid ourselves here.

Getting in front of thousands of people that have asked you to speak to them about your business is the way to go. Can you imagine trying to explain the MLM marketing model to your mother or neighbor that has worked for the government for 25 yrs? It is a quick way to fail as do 97% of the people that enter the MLM arena.

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