Bannockburn: A Relaxed Location Offering a Short Chicago Commute

Illinois is a state filled with several industrial towns, an abundance of agriculture, and a significant amount of natural resources. The city of Chicago can be found in the Northeast region with agriculture dominating the central as well as northern portions of the state. Natural resources such as petroleum along with varying industries provide a broad spread economy through Illinois. The state is also a transport hub where ports in the Great Lakes area make their way through the St. Louis. Lawrence Seaway to portions of the Atlantic Ocean. The Mississippi and Illinois Rivers offer multiple transportation opportunities as well. There are many suburban areas to this large city, some are commonly referred to as the North Shore region. Real estate values ​​in the area are above average, with a median resident age range of twenty one years. Household imports typically range around two-hundred grand and are above average when compared to the state as a whole. There are advantageous locations to live near the Tri-State Tollway, making it a suitable commuting location for those working in or around the "Windy City."

Lakes in the Area are Surrounded By Gorgeous Scenery

Smaller towns around the area may be less populated, but offer a unique business prospect due to its close vicinity to the main city. Companies choose these small suburban areas to have a laid back environment in combination with a short travel commute to manage large scale business transactions. The area is mainly populated with residential homes; however, several businesses have also decided to make this town their place of residence. Some locations provide stunning lake views and consist of modern architectural designs. Takeda is one of the top ranked pharmaceutical companies in the Nation, supplying numerous medicines for blood sugar management, acid reflux, high blood pressure, sleep complications, and other conditions. This company calls one of these smaller suburban areas their corporate headquarters

There is a wonderful office plaza located near I-94, requiring only a short walk to reach a vicinity of accommodations, dining, and retail businesses. The plaza resides on sixty-six acres of land. It supplies vast trees, scenery, walking paths, and one-hundred thousand square feet of business space. This structure is just one example of the stunning beauty provided by many towns in this area. Nearby buildings include the Halsted Street Deli, Dominick's, an athletic club, Panera Bread, the local school district, and additional businesses. Two major roads lead to Interstate-94 or the Tri-State Tollway, which takes commuters directly into the metropolitan region, as well as many surrounding neighborhoods. The Trinity International University, ball fields, and College Park Corporate Center are located next to the I-94 exit. A few parks may also be found in the general vicinity, with additional attractions available in nearby towns. The area provides a great environment for small business or family living by offering a serene location outside the larger metropolitan area.

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