Florida Marriage License by mail or message

Florida with & # 39 is a popular wedding destination for many couples. Often, due to travel plans or lack of knowledge of the local area, many brides and grooms want to get their Florida marriage license prior to their arrival. There is currently a lot of conflicting information on the Internet can not it's time to get your marriage license in Florida without personally appear before the clerk of the Court. Some websites say that you can while others say that you can not. Surprisingly, even some of the employees of the court in the State of Florida, who are not familiar with the Charter.

Simply put, there is a provision in the Florida Constitution to obtain your marriage license in the mail before your arrival, but there are some special conditions that must be met in advance. The process of obtaining a license thus referred to as "Prayer absentia". It is a little-known provision in the Charter are intended to assist those brides and grooms with special circumstances.

Generally speaking, the following conditions must be met:

  1. The bride and groom must both be over the age of 18 years
  2. The bride and groom must be residents of the two NON-FLORIDA
  3. The bride and groom must submit certified copies of their identification with a local agent or coordinator who works with the court on their behalf, to ensure that the parties that request a license, who they say they are
  4. If a license application has been published as a clerk of the court, it must be signed before a notary for the bride and groom
  5. All other provisions that apply to those with a & # 39; being a person must also be met, such as the payment of the license fee and the signing of the Declaration of mandatory premarital stating the bride and groom read Family Planning Management & # 39; and in Florida and did not attend on premarital seminar or training class

The marriage license is valid for 60 days from the date it was issued. Release date is considered the first day, so you should be careful to ensure that allows a few extra couple of "slack days" at the rear end of the period of validity of the license in case of travel delays or recent changes in their wedding date. If license period expires before the wedding ceremony, the new one must be obtained before the service can legally authorize a & # 39; union of the couple.

Currently, there are only two clerks District Court in Florida that allow sawdust Prayer in absentia, as they relate to marriage licenses. Fortunately, however, the marriage license issued by any county clerk of the court in Florida is valid in any other country. For example, you can use the court building in Central Florida for Prayer in absentia supply and still getting married in Florida Keys, Miami, Panama City Beach, or elsewhere within the State.

We hope that this article will help explain the confusion on this issue. For further study, we recommend that you review Florida Statute, Chapter 741. We wish you the best for your visit to the Sunshine State for your upcoming wedding.

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