Scuba Dive Florida Keys

One of the best areas to scuba dive within North America in the Florida Keys, a long chain of islands south of Miami. For any diver traveling to southern Florida, even a quick day trip to the Florida Keys is worth. There & # 39; great scuba together clues from the first Key Largo community until the middle of Marathon and all the way to the end, where Key West is located. You can get to Key Largo about 45 minutes from Miami and protected Pennekamp Marine Park in the surrounding waters offers much more marine life to see what the waters of Miami or Fort Lauderdale. Key Largo, in particular, with a 39 & # diver & # 39; s city with many dive operators and some retailers who carry diving equipment and gear.

One of the greatest things about scuba diving in the Florida Keys with a & # 39 is the variety of dive sites for every level of diver. Many of the most beautiful coral reefs loaded with fish are located in areas of the initial level of diving as molasses Reef and French Reef. With a depth of 30 to 50 feet, these beautiful dive sites for new certified divers, as well as those who want to make a night dive. There & # 39; S even some good diving wreck dives in shallow areas as the core Benwood, where the resident marine life will not disappoint any diver. For more advanced divers, there are some spectacular deep dives with the participation of large fragments, as Duane, a former coast guard ship sitting upright. The latest ship, which was sunk for scuba diving & # 39 is the Spiegel Grove, which again is for advanced divers.

Many divers from North America and other parts of the world come to the Florida Keys for their open water certification, as well as more advanced training. Accommodation in abundance directly in the settlements along the Keys and range from simple motels up to high-end resorts. Many of them have special packages just for scuba divers where there # 39; S agreement with one of the local dive operators. There & # 39; S reliably expensive accommodation in Florida City, which is a 39 & # is the closest to the mainland so community Florida about 20 minutes from Key Largo. After a day of swimming, there are many restaurants serving fresh seafood, even for hungry divers.

Another attractive feature of the Florida Keys diving with & # 39 is the price. Especially for the quality of the dive sites, diving costs are lower than in many Caribbean destinations like the Bahamas and the Cayman Islands. For those who are not willing to try scuba diving, there are some decent sites to swim in the key including one of the best in the United States in the Looe Key. Marine life that can be seen here has convinced a lot of scuba diving, finally, pursuing certifications Diving. Florida Keys there are plenty of other activities to do close to diving to keep non-diver busy. There & # 39; interesting shops, water sports, beaches (around the western part) and even two places to interact with dolphins. Of course, there # 39; S and funk scene in Key West.

One aspect of scuba diving in the Florida Keys that some divers do not like that the dives are not guided by a divemaster scuba different operators. Divers who are used to following the local DiveMaster diving in places like Cozumel, just have an & # 39; to unite in groups companions here in the key. Despite this shortcoming, the Florida Keys still offers a tropical diving without leaving the United States.

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