4 Advantages of Buying Health Insurance Through a Broker

Buying Illinois health insurance is one of the most important decisions a family can make these days. Having health insurance in Illinois can save your family from financial disaster in the future. Using the Internet has a few advantages in searching for plans online simply because it can save you a lot of time comparing plans designs and benefits between each of the carriers, if you do it correctly. The problem with this approach in Illinois is that the quotes online are not always accurate unless you are perfectly healthy. The online quote engines will only give you best case scenario pricing. This is why worker together with a good broker is an excellent idea.

Sometimes people think if they go directly to the carrier they can get their health insurance at a reduced premium, this is simply not true. Whether you go directly to the company or through an agent your premium will be exactly the same, for the same plan.

Some advantages of going through a trusted broker are:

1. Time savings: A good agent will not only be able to help you pick which plan would be the best fit for you and your family but he can also help you save time in the future by already knowing what health conditions you might have.

2. Convenience: Building a good relationship with a broker that you can trust will also save you time when your renewal comes up in the future and you want to shop the marketplace for a more competitive rate.

3. Customer service: Find agent that offers great customer service. One that will help you when problems arise with your carrier.

For example: Yesterday I received a call from one of my customers that received an explanation of benefits telling her that her recent claim was being billed as out of network. I called the carrier to find out why because the hospital that she went to was definitely an “in network” facility. They told me which network the claim had been submitted too and it was the wrong network. So I called up the claims department at the hospital and asked them to resubmit the claim using the proper network which was on the back of her health insurance card. Problem solved!

4. Underwriting Access: Brokers will have access to the underwriting department with each carrier that consumers do not have. This is a huge advantage simply because you won’t waste time filling out an application with a carrier that would decline you.

I recommend going with an agent that specializes in Illinois Health Insurance and one you can build a long term relationship with that has YOUR best interest at heart. Find one that will take the time to explain your coverage to you and one that has plenty of experience with health insurance in Illinois. Also make sure that they have access to the top carriers in the state, this can be especially important if you have any kind of pre-existing health conditions.

Think about your reward – No More Stress – No More Worries – and Mission Accomplished!

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