Burglary and theft: The Law In Florida

If you are convinced of an offense of burglary or theft in Florida, you might come across some life changing consequences. Even if the theft or the theft does not cause any physical harm to another person, it will still be considered as suras & # 39; and the serious nature of the State of Florida has some very serious & # 39; severe penalties for those who are deprived. It is important to hire a good criminal lawyer to fight any charges brought against you.

Types of burglary and theft Crimses in Florida

The following list includes the different types of charges that are considered to be off in this category in accordance with Florida law.

property theft All violations that involve the theft of any kind of property would fall under this category. Then further classified based on the value of the property, which was accepted. So anything that costs more than $ 300, that & # 39 is a criminal offense, and the amount will determine the category of a criminal offense, which then decide on the & # 39; the amount of dispatch, which must be given to man.

Possession of stolen property Any person who sells or intends to traffic in property that they know, stolen, commits an offense and is considered to be quite a serious & # 39; oznym proposal. Possession of stolen property with the & # 39 is a crime of the second degree.

shoplifting While you are doing of course that shoplifting only includes stealing that definition is actually much more accurate and includes a number of other things, like deleting or changing labels, code and price tag, passing the product to another container, or by removing the basket in order to increase the owner vase .

waste : Theft when a person takes someone else & # 39, S money or property through abuse of trust positions or job assignment. This is usually not a violent crime and is considered a & # 39; white collar & # 39; crime. For example, if the top managers of companies of cash deposits to its own account for his personal use, it would mean wasting.

theft : Theft can be a petty theft or theft. In both cases we are talking about taking the property of another person without their proper consent and with the intention to save people from the use or ownership of the property. If the property is worth less than $ 300 it falls into the small category yet nothing higher than this is a great theft.

Credit card fraud : Lying on a person in order to make them part with something of value, based on a lie is called fraud. Thus, in the case of credit cards, this fraud could be either through the Internet by getting a person & # 39; s credit card information online without their consent or through personal contact with the person, and then use this information for personal gain is illegal.

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