Skimboard Hotspots Florida

1. Siesta Key – Saratosa Florida: This place is best to go skimboard in the cold season. If you want to catch big waves is the best time to hit this place up if there is a storm on the coast. Some parts of the area can be crowded depending on where you decide to go.

2. North Fort Lauderdale: commercial dock in the Ā«anglansĀ» has a nice flat beach and easy access to the water (even for beginners). Swell at this beach can be up to 3 feet and other skimboarders took a break here so at low tide he gets up to a height of about 6 feet. This beach tends to be crowded, so keep that in mind if you are going to find a place.

3. St. Augustine, Vilano Beach: This skimboard hot spot is only a few minutes from the famous old city in America, this place is famous among skimboarders in Florida. This beach has the typical Florida break combined with very generous slope. The waves on this beach break right on the beach and decent most of the year. The largest wave is usually in the range of 4 feet. There is a jetty at the southern end of the beach near the entrance Vilano and waves peel better in this area. Try to stay away from the fishermen in this area. The best time to skimboard on this beach are definitely the high tide.

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