DUI Laws in Florida Underage Drinking

In Florida, it is illegal for a person under the age of 21 years old to drink alcohol. But a recent study found that 9.5% of alcohol, which is sold in the state juvenile consumers. And it led to a series of accidents and fatalities. For those of drinking and management can have serious & # 39; serious consequences if they & # 39 are minors.

Legal Alcohol Limit

In normal cases, when a person older than 21 years are stopped while driving a motor vehicle for checking blood alcohol content, they should have a level of less than 0.08. Thus, anyone who is driving a vehicle with a blood alcohol level of 0.08 or higher is considered drunk driving and can be pre & # 39; revealed by the charge of DUI. However, the rule is slightly different to those below 21 years of age. Because these people should not drink at all levels for them 0.02. This level can be caused by consuming just one drink, so basically goes back to the fact that they should not be consuming alcohol at all, especially if they are behind the wheel.

Penalties for underage drivers

For a person who is below twenty-one and was sentenced to a blood alcohol level of 0.02 to law enforcement officers, their license may be suspended for six months, if it is their first offer. A second violation will result in the suspension of a driver's license for up to one year. And if a person younger than 18 years, including having the license suspended, they can also be taken to the preferences of the receiving & # 39 object, if it is available in the neighborhood.

There is also an additional penalty for people under the age of 21 who are covered with a blood alcohol level above 0.05. In this case, their license will be suspended until they have completed a course of substance abuse.

Sharp penalies often imposed for people who are & # 39 are the driving of driving under the influence and prison time, steep fines, community service and probation are often imposed on them.

If you've been before & # 39; the revealed allegations of DUI, it can affect your entire life. If your child has been charged with drunken driving when he or she is below the legal age, the charge can follow them the rest of their lives and affect their freedom and their car & # 39; EASURES. Rigidly to appoint a good lawyer to fight a DUI, so it does not tarnish your reputation or the reputation of the person you love.

Employment Law Basics for Hawaii Employers – Policies and Training for Prevention and Risk Reduction

It is well established now under federal Title VII law that an employer is liable for actionable sexual harassment caused by a supervisor with "immediate (or successively higher) authority over the employee." However, in cases where the employee does not suffer a "tangible employment action," such as discharge, demotion, or an unfavorable reassignment, there is an affirmative defense that an employee may raise to avoid Title VII liability and damages.

Under such affirmative defense whether an employer has an anti-harassment policy is relevant evidence. Also important is effective supervision training and training of employees on the harassment policy and complaint procedure.

Training and educational programs for all employees take on an even higher degree of importance under Hawaii state law, HRS Chapter 378. State law is currently interpreted by the Hawaii Civil Rights Commission ("HCRC") as mandating strict liability for sexual harassment committed by supervisors .

While the Hawaii Supreme Court has not addressed the HCRC's interpretation of HRS Chapter 378 a recent Illinois Supreme Court decision upheld a Illinois Human Rights Commission ruling addressing a regulation similar to the HCRC's – that an employee was strictly liable for a supervisor's harassment under Illinois state law even though the supervisor did not even have direct supervision authority over the Complainant.

The April 16, 2009 Illinois decision will certainly be a persuasive authority to a Hawaii Supreme Court faced with interpretation of the HCRC's regulation. Accordingly, it is critical that Hawaii employers understand the importance of having an effective policy and company-wide training program on not only a defense to a sexual harassment claim, but prevention.

I. The Importance of Having an Effective Harassment Policy

A. The Faragher / Ellerth Defense

Having an effective sexual harassment policy and training program will greatly increase the chance of avoiding liability under the affirmative defense for sexual harassment claims recognized by the US Supreme Court.

Where qualified harassment by a supervisor does not culminate in an adverse ("tangible") employment decision, the employer may avoid liability by showing that: (1) the employee exercised reasonable care to prevent and promptly correct any harassment behavior; and (2) the blatiff unreasonably failed to take advantage of any preventive or corrective opportunities provided by the employer to avoid harm. "A tangible employment action constitutes a significant change in employment status such as hiring, firing, failing to promote, reassignment with significant different responsibilities or a decision causing a significant change in benefits."

The importance of the affirmative defense was significantly increased by a US Supreme Court's decision in which the Court held that the defense is available in constructive discharge cases without the claimiff quits in a reasonable response to an employer-sanctioned adverse action of an official nature, such as a demotion or a cut in pay.

A zero-tolerance harassment policy must fit the environment and employees:

While proof that an employer had promulgated an antiharassment policy with complaint procedure is not necessary in every instance as a matter of law, the need for a stated policy suitable to the employment circumstances may appropriately be addressed in any case when referring to the first element of the defense. The policy should be written in plain English, so that all employees regardless of their educational level or background can understand it … [a] policy should include a clear and precise definition of unlawful harassment so that employees know what type of conduct is prohibited by the policy and will be able to recognize that conduct should it occur.

Accordingly, if the challenged harasser has supervision authority over the victim, the employer will be held automatically liable for any harassment committed by the supervisor unless the employer is able to successfully raise the affirmative defense.

B. Tips On Drafting a Zero-Tolerance Policy and Complaint Procedure.

(1) Write in simple English.

(2) Include a clear definition and examples of prohibited conduct and make it broad enough to prohibit all forms of harassment.

(3) State the company's "zero-tolerance" philosophy in the policy regarding all forms of harassment,

(4) Designate at least two specially trained managers who will be responsible for investigating harassment charges for the company.

(5) Determine the complaint procedure that will be used to investigate complaints of harassment by supervisory employees, co-workers and outsiders.

(6) Provide a "clear chain of communication," allowing employees to step outside of the normal hierarchy in the event the supervisor is the harasser and considering having a toll-free number employees can call.

(7) State that employees who report prohibited conduct will be protected from retaliation.

(8) State that the employer will promptly investigate the matter in an objective and discretion way.

(9) Provide the form of diplomatic action to which offenders can expect to be subjected.

(10) State that the employer will also take remedial action.

(11) Train your management employees and line employees on the policy and procedure.

(12) Have each employee sign an acknowledgment form that they have received a copy of the policy and procedure, and that they have received training on the harassment policy.

C. The Faragher / Ellerth Defense and Hawaii Law

Like Title VII, the Hawaii Employment Practices Act prohibits discriminating against individuals in all all aspects of employment. However, it remains an open question whether an employer, under Hawaii state law, can assert the Faragher / Ellerth affirmative defense.

Currently, under regulations promulgated by the HCRC, the state agency charged with the enforcing and interpreting Hawaii's Employment Practices Act, strict liability would apply to a supervisor's harassment of a subordinate regardless of whether tangible action is taken:

§12-46-109 Sexual harassment.

(a) Harassment on the basis of sex is a violation of chapter 378, HRS. Unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors, and other verbal or physical conduct or visual forms of harassment of a sexual nature sentence sexual harassment when:

(1) Submission to that conduct is made either explicitly or implicitly a term or condition of an individual's employment; Egypt

(2) Submission to or rejection of that conduct by an individual is used as the basis for employment decisions affecting that individual; Egypt

(3) That conduct has the purpose or effect of unreasonably interfering with an individual's work performance or creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive working environment.

(b) In determining whether alleged conduct sexual harassment, the commission will look at the record as a whole and at the totality of the circumstances, such as the nature of the sexual advances and the context in which the alleged incidents occurred. The determination of the legality of a particular action will be made from the facts, on a case by case basis.

(c) An employer shall be liable for its acts and those of its agents and supervisor employees with respect to sexual harassment regardless of whether the specific acts complained of were authorized or even prohibited, and regardless of whether the employee or other covered entity knew or should have known of their occurrence. The commission will examine the circumstances of the particular employment relationship and the job functions performed by the individual in determining whether an individual acted in either a supervisor or agency capacity.

(d) With respect to conduct between employees, an employer shall be responsible for acts of sexual harassment in the workplace where the employer or agents or supervisors employees know or should have known of the conduct and failures to take immediate and appropriate corrective action. An employee who has been sexually harassed on the job by a co-worker should inform the employer, its agent, or supervisor employee of the harassment; however, an employee's failure to give such notice may not be an affirmative defense.

D. Problem Areas for Employers

1. Failure to dissolve policy

2. Inadequate complaint procedure

3. Employer on notice of harassment

4. Failure to promptly investigate

5. Failure to take appropriate diplomatic action

6. Failure to apply it even-handedly

7. Failure to review and revise when necessary

8. Failure to provide training

E. Illinois Supreme Court Decision a Foreshadowing of Hawaii Law?

In a recent decision, the Illinois Supreme Court gave the HCRC direct support of the HCRC's own interpretation of HRS Chapter 378.

The decision holds Illinois employers strictly restrictable for sexual harassment by any of their management or supervision personnel, and, as noted by the dissent, "imposes a standard of liability which appears to be without precedent in any jurisdiction of the United States."

The basis of the decision was the plain and ordinary meaning of the statute, which states that "an employer shall be liable for sexual harassment of the employer's employees by nonemployees or nonmanagerial and nonsupervisory employees only if the employee becomes aware of the conduct and failures to take reasonable corrective measures. "

According to the Court, the statute is unambiguous "and only excludes" nonemployees "and" nonmanagerial or nonsuperquiry employees "from its strict liability standard. As such, the Court found"

Florida – Hurricane Central

Hurricanes and Florida. In the past two years, they seem to go together.

In 2004, four hurricanes land here (Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne). And 2005 seems not much better, with Florida be performed four hurricanes (Dennis, Katrina, Rita and Wilma). Of course, the n Katrina and Rita was only one category of storms when they waltz past, but Dennis and Wilma was a different story.

Once, twice, three times Unsuccessful

Unfortunately, I live in a part of Florida that now we jokingly call "the hurricane center," because we & # 39; ve hit three times so far, with Francis, Jeanne and Wilma. So I started to think, what are the chances that one state will get hit by four hurricanes in one year, not to mention eight times in 14 months?

Oh, and my particular head of state will be hit three times in 13 months?

I had to wait a little longer to do all my research, because power and phone lines were down throughout the county in which I live – no internet. But here and # 39; what I found when I came back on the line.

Would You Believe …

I searched and searched, but I could not find any statistics on chances of Florida to hit so often lately. And you do not want me to come up with statistics itself (it was not one of my best subjects in school).

But if it were up to me, I # 39; D say that getting a direct hit 3 times in 13 months will be virtually impossible (statistically speaking).

I've found some diagrams, where Florida seems to bring more hurricanes than any other state. By the seasons of 2004 and 2005, our last big storm, Andrew in 1992. Thus, we had a little more than ten years of tranquility. I remember a few "hurricane days" (operation is canceled and you are sitting at home, glued to the TV) in the period between 1993 and 2003, but the storm Curved at the last minute and took pity on us.

I & # 39; d, as not only to have more hurricanes that with & # 39; appear in my front door.

Now, what are the chances that I & # 39; I will get a direct hit fourth time next year?

Do not be afraid to visit

So, does all of the above that you feel that a Florida & # 39 is a taboo, and you should never visit again (or for the first time)? Do not let the statistics or the nightly news scare you. Most of the rain, we free and have excellent weather & # 39; e. Just keep in mind that if you decide to vacation here from mid-July to mid-October, there is always the possibility of wild winds.

Work Related Injuries

In Illinois, injured workers can receive workers compensation benefits for a variety of injuries. Just because you were hurt at the job in Illinois does not mean that you will receive workman's compensation benefits. Below are some examples of injuries that are covered by Illinois workers compensation laws.

Repetitive Trauma
Workers can recover benefits for injuries that result from repetitive movements when those movements are required for the completion of work related tasks. One of the most common types of repetitive trauma injuries is carpal tunnel syndrome, which usually results from constant computer use. Additionally, repetitive hammering with a heavy tool over time can always result in repetitive trauma injuries to the arms. Even standing for prolonged periods of time can institute repetitive trauma to the legs if the standing is required to perform a job related task.

Traumatic Physical Injuries
An employee can receive benefits for a traumatic physical injury if it occurs while performing a specific work related activity. For example, when a worker falls off of a ladder and breaks a leg, that worker can receive benefits because the injury occurred simultaneously by a specific work related incident. Likewise, a worker can recover workers compensation benefits for hyper extending his or her arm while reaching up to rest a shelf at work. Work related traumatic physical injuries represent the most common claim in Illinois workers compensation law.

Occupational Diseases
When workers are diagnosed with illnesses that result from exposure to elements at work that they ordinarily would not have exposure to outside of work, they can recover workers compensation benefits. For example, a coal miner can sue for a lung disease that is caused by inhaling coal dust at work.

Mental Injuries
Workers can receive benefits for mental injuries that arise out of employment. There are two types of mental injuries, those that arise out of emotional strain and those that arise out of physical injuries. An example of a mental injury that arises out of a physical injury is when a worker is hit on the head with a piece of equipment and suffers memory loss. An example of a mental injury that arises out of emotional strain is when an employee witnesses a hand amputation at work and suffers insomnia as a result of witnessing the event.

In our opinion, the best lawyers for work injury cases almost exclusively handle workers compensation matters in Illinois. Because they are focused on one area we believe that they are best suited to know the Arbitrator's and the laws and achieve the best results for their clients. Because these attorneys are focused on workers compensation, they are familiar with the laws and more likely to maximize the compensation awarded to their clients.

How to Request Admissions can help prove your Florida divorce

Gathering evidence for Florida divorce case can be daunting. Consider using a detecting instrument called a Request for Admissions found in Rule 12370, if you request child support or alimony and your husband do not provide financial information in accordance with the requirements. Remember that up to you to prove your husband's income, to win the award. Request for Admissions can help you prove your case.

What is a Request for Admission?

These questions ask your husband to acknowledge some facts, which seem to be challenged in your case, or your husband admit certain documents "real." (Documents must be "certified" before they can be admitted as evidence in court ). For example, if your husband did not file financial oath or subject to mandatory disclosure of his income documents, you can ask your husband to admit he / receives a salary. Your inquiry will be along these lines: "Admit it, you earn $ 3,000 a month net pay."

Each of the parties may request the Admissions. This article is written primarily for the petitioner, who is eager to prove it's controversial, but respondents can use a query for the reception too.

Why use queries to the Admissions?

Using Request for Admissions can help you narrow down the questions, the judge must decide the case in dispute and / or to prove that the documents & # 39 are valid. This is because any question, admitted in this process "conclusively established" for your business purposes of divorce. This means that you have proven that fact in your case.

Using the example of income in the previous section, if your husband admits s / he receives a $ 3,000 net profit a month in court you will not have to prove income other method, even if your husband did not file financial oath. You can enter the recognition in the court, and they will be your evidence. Because you have already proven income of your spouse, you can calculate your child support on the basis of net income allowed.

Timing Request for Admissions

The request for admission may be sent at any time after the application was filed, and can even be served with a summons and petition for divorce. Best practices, how much time to wait for your husband the answer files that disputes any claims in his petition. Using your husband denied the claim in its response to the petition, you will see where the spores and can create a request for reception, proving the facts necessary for your business.

How to use queries to the Admissions

Firstly, your request can only contain a total of 30 requests, including all subsections, if you do not go to court for permission to send more. Look at paragraphs petition for dissolution of marriage and which ones your husband refuses. Focus on the facts that will be tested requirements in your divorce petition. If you have documents, but did not know how to "authenticate" them and get them in as evidence, requests to admit that document to the & # 39 are authentic can help you if your husband admits the authenticity or not to respond to your request. You must attach copies of documents on request, if you want your husband to recognize the authenticity of the documents.

The fact or the authenticity of the document contained in the request will be "admitted" if your husband is a written response denying the fact or the authenticity of the files an objection within 30 days after service of the request. Of course, you will need to add the mailing list, if you send a request by e-mail.

Response to a request for Admissions

If you respond to a request for reception, be very careful! First, make sure you mark your calendar and give their answers in time. If your response is not filed on time, you will "recognize" the facts in the request. Second, if the fact is not true, you have to deny or tell the court in detail why you can not really admit or deny this fact. Third, if part of the query exactly, and some do not, you have to divide your answer indicate what part is true and what part is not. Finally, if the request seeks information that you have at your disposal, you have to make a "smart request" and try to find the information. If you make a reasonable request, and still can not find the information you need to provide a response that says that you have requested, and so far nothing is known about this fact. Keep in mind that if you deny the fact, and the other side later turns out that the fact, however, you may be charged by the evidence of this fact.

Timely Request Admissions can help you prove your case and moving the case with regard to court or settlement. Consider using these queries in your Florida divorce.

Wingfoot Air Express – The First Airship Disaster

On Monday 21st July 1919 the Wingfoot Air Express (owned by the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company) crashed into the Illinois Trust and Savings Building in Chicago, with the loss of 13 lives. This was the worst Airship disaster in the USA until the Zeppelin Airship, Hindenburg crashed in 1937. Of the 13 who died, one was a crew member, two were passengers while the remaining 10 were bank employees in the building below.

The Wingfoot Air Express was carrying passengers from Grant Park to the White City Amusement Park when, at an altitude of about 1200ft, the craft fire fire above the Chicago Loop. Once the crew realized that the airship was lost, the Pilot and the Chief Mechanic parachuted to safety along with a third person who broke both legs and later died in hospital.

The Illinois Trust & Savings Bank building on the corner of LaSalle Street and Jackson Boulevard, housed 150 employees who were closing up after the business days (the fire being reported to have started at 4:55 pm) in the main banking hall. The main hall was illuminated by a large skylight and the remains of the Wingfoot Air Express stuck the banks skylight directly causing flaming debris to fall through to the hall below. As well as the ten employees who were killed, 27 members of staff were also reported injured.

After the crash, Chicago City Council imposed a ban on hydrogen filled dirigibles from flying over populated parts of the city. The Airships home base, Grant Park Airstrip, was also closed shortly after the crash.

Published in honor of those who lost their lives while at their work in the bank, in a catastrophe that left all officers and employes grief striken.


Out of the clear sky came a mass of flaming wreckage which crashed through the big skylight of this bank, bringing death and injury into the Illinois Trust family. A big dirigible sailing over the loop fire fire a thousand feet in the air and came rushing like a flaming comet, down to earth. The finger of fate had selected the skylight of this building among the hundreds of flat roofs surrounding, on which the dirigible was to strike.

This great tragedy directed in the death of ten of the bank's people and the injury of twenty-seven others, leaving a never to forgotten shadow over the entire institution. Employes and officers were busy closing up the day's business on July 21st. It had been a big day. Monday almost invariably brings more business than other days of the week. Many of the employes already were on their way home. Those still at work were putting the final touches on the day's work and would have departed for home very shortly.

Suddenly, as if the whole roof was caving in, there came a big crash and down through the skylight descended the huge, fiery blimp with its twisted iron and heavy mechanism, past the balcony and down to the first floor upon the heads of employes who were working underneath the large skylight.

from The Columns of the Illinois Trust & Savings Bank, Chicago [special memorial issue]: 3, July 1919,

What will happen if a truck driver is a duet in Florida

Getting DUI in Florida, was bad enough. Unlike some other states, Florida, if you get convicted of DUI, it is on record forever. – Well, in 75 years anyway. Which is quite a lot for convenience. You can not get a DUI conviction expunged or sealed. Thus, employers, lenders and insurance companies may see a mark on your record. This is obviously not good.

When it comes to commercial drivers in Florida, they are held to a higher level than the average driver. It's for a good reason. Drivers with CDL carry children on school buses across the city, transport of hazardous materials and manage the huge semi-finals, which can kill the number of people with one wrong move the wheel.

Below is information about what will happen if a truck driver is a duet.

How Personal DUIs Affect truck driver

As a truck driver, or anyone with a CDL, if you go driving a personal vehicle under the influence of alcohol in Florida, your CDL will be suspended for one year. – The same applies in the event that you refuse a breath test. From a personal DUI you will not have the right to challenge, as it relates to your CDL.

Pendant with & # 39 is mandatory in Florida. Your only hope for the best result from the & # 39 is an experienced lawyer DUI, which can help you to prayer at a charge.

Getting DUI during the semi-control

If the driver of the truck driving behind the wheel of his truck while under the influence of alcohol, they pose a threat to all of their truck driving car & # 39; career. In Florida, the blood alcohol concentration limit for a commercial driver's .04%. It & # 39; s half standard DUI, .08%.

If the truck driver receives a duo while at work, they must inform their employer within thirty days. In addition, they will receive a mandatory one-year suspension of their CDL in Florida.

Florida is very harsh on the transport of hazardous materials, while under the influence. If the truck driver transporting dangerous substances with a blood alcohol concentration .04%, they will lose their commercial driver & # 39; s license for three years.

Again, these suspensions with & # 39 are mandatory and are not entitled to the difficulties.

Do not risk it

It goes without saying that drunk driving can lead to all sorts of terrible things. – But as a truck driver in Florida, he can finish his car & # 39; career forever.

What Happens in a Typical Work Injury Case?

Although every workers compensation case is different, below is a list of the typical process involved in Illinois.

Step 1: Worker is injured.

Injury can either occur immediately during a specific accident, or it can be realized over time from repetitive trauma.

Step 2: Worker notifies his or her employer.

Workers are encouraged to notify their employers as soon as possible after an injury. It is a requirement for workers to notify their employers within 45 days of when they know or reasonably should know that they were injured on the job.

Step 3: Worker receives medical treatment.

Workers are encouraged to seek medical treatment as soon as possible after an injury. The worker's employer must pay for 100% of the reasonable and related medical treatment, which includes co-payments and out of pocket expenses.

Step 4: Worker obtains a lawyer.

Retaining a lawyer can increase an injured worker's chance of receiving all of the benefits allowable under Illinois law. Although injured workers are not required to retain lawyers, it is highly recommended. Illinois workers compensation lawyers are paid based on a percentage of the benefits that they earn for their clients as opposed to an hourly rate. Thus, Illinois workers compensation lawyers only get paid if their clients get paid.

Step 5: Employer pays worker for lost time.

When workers are unable to perform their normal duties, and their employers are unable to find alternative duties within their medical restrictions, then workers are entitled to temporary total disability benefits for their time off work.

Step 6: Worker receives independent medical exams.

Typically, injured workers are required to visit an independent physician of his or her employer's choice.

Step 7: Worker's lawyer files petition for arbitration.

If a worker is not given the appropriate medical or wage benefits owed by his or her employer, then that worker's lawyer can file a petition for arbitration. When a petition for arbitration is filed, the dispute between the worker and his or her employer is resolved by an Arbitrator.

Step 8: Worker is discharged from medical care.

Occasionally, doctors determine that a patient has recovered from an injury as much as he or she possibly can. When this conclusion is reached, the patient is released from medical care and has no need for further treatment.

Step 9: Worker's lawyer negotiates settlement.

Once an injured worker has finished medical treatment, an attorney can begin negotiating an appropriate settlement based on a review of all of the medical treatment that was necessary for treatment of the injury.

Step 10: Either worker or employer can file an appeal.

If either party involved in arbitration is not satisfied with the result, they can file for an appeal. Appeals are first reviewed by a three panel board of Commissioners. After that, an appeal can be filed with the Circuit Court, Appellate Court, and possibly the Illinois Supreme Court.

Florida Fringe Benefit

One of the many fringe benefits of life in South Florida, that our coastline is fringed with shallow coral reefs, which makes us the only inhabitants of the neighboring United States, to be so lucky.

Our reefs offer visitors and locals alike with easy access to all kinds of water recreation. They include viewing diverse marine life while snorkeling or scuba diving, as well as various state regulated fishing and Lobstering opportunities.

Nevertheless, the Community Working Group, entitled "Our Florida Reefs," recently revived debate about whether fishing should be allowed in some or all areas of the Florida reef, including Biscayne National Park, south of Miami. Proposal to phase out fishing Var & # 39; Irawan scattered from nya-industrial zones, declaring the entire reef tract, extending north from the park to the threshold Beach State Marine Reserve. Another working group in neighboring counties held a similar discussion.

Our Florida Reefs, and those with this view that overfishing with & # 39 is one of the main factors of damage to reefs and wildlife that inhabit them. But this statement is far from the accepted fact.

Part of the dispute in Biscayne National Park follows from the fact that fishing there is controlled by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission. The state commission, appointed by the governor, see the fishing ban as a last resort and I do not want to go that far, at least for now. Although the Commission formally supports the goal of increasing the national parks of the population and the size of its wildlife by 20 percent, FWC wants to try less restrictive measures first.

WWF lists the fracture as soon as one of the seven major threats to coral reefs, and the resulting types of imbalances as the main problem – a problem to which may also contribute to other factors, such as the introduction of invasive species, such as Silent lionfish, which now considered one of the major threats of fishing in Florida. Other threats to the reef systems that make the same damage as fishing, or more, include pollution and careless navigation and attachment. (1) Divers and snorkelers can contribute to the problem, but as a human treatment could be damaging to corals in its own right. Any responsible diver knows that corals should be seen and not taken.

All of this argues for careful management of fisheries. And in the park and beyond, it is clear that those responsible for the coral reefs and the creatures that live there must take care to act as responsible stewards. That this is not to argue, however, open a fishing ban.

. Rep Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, the R-Florida, expressed concern after the Park & ​​# 39; s managers have released a new fisheries management plan calls for significant restrictions on the popular fishing and trapping activities in the park. In a statement, she said: "There is definitely a balance, which must be between the protection of our ecosystems and to use it – unfortunately, this plan does not seem to lay out a reasonable compromise that suits the purpose." (2) In a park & ​​# 39; s managers still need to provide the FWC & # 39; s cooperation, as well as several meetings opened a public discussion. A final decision is expected in early 2015.

I have a strong suspicion that the parties who do not fish snapped onto the people's cause, that the protection of coral reefs as a means to carry a wide range of issues to combat the production. Divers who think that they will see more pretty tropical fish, they like to watch, and nondivers, who simply do not think of fish or other animals must be collected at all, they may be inclined to use the fate of corals to achieve their goals.

As well as those who are opposed to hunting, however, they may not realize that their efforts to protect individual animals may harm species as a whole. Hunters of birds and mammals have contributed significantly to the expense of taxes and license fees to the selection of populations of many game and nongame species in North America. And most of the marine conservation community consists of people who have fished for generations, and who want to outsource this activity to those who will follow us.

It is short-sighted and counterproductive ban on fishing or hunting just because some people who do not hunt or fish can not understand those who do. Efforts to strengthen the health of Florida & # 39; coral reefs, it would be better, taking a broader view of the problem and a more balanced approach to possible solutions.


1) World Wildlife Fund, "Coral reefs: the threat of"

2) Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen, «Ros-Lehtinen Worried National Park New Biscayne (of BNP Management Plan) Fishing (HMB) Can hold Fishing Families from the water"

4 Advantages of Buying Health Insurance Through a Broker

Buying Illinois health insurance is one of the most important decisions a family can make these days. Having health insurance in Illinois can save your family from financial disaster in the future. Using the Internet has a few advantages in searching for plans online simply because it can save you a lot of time comparing plans designs and benefits between each of the carriers, if you do it correctly. The problem with this approach in Illinois is that the quotes online are not always accurate unless you are perfectly healthy. The online quote engines will only give you best case scenario pricing. This is why worker together with a good broker is an excellent idea.

Sometimes people think if they go directly to the carrier they can get their health insurance at a reduced premium, this is simply not true. Whether you go directly to the company or through an agent your premium will be exactly the same, for the same plan.

Some advantages of going through a trusted broker are:

1. Time savings: A good agent will not only be able to help you pick which plan would be the best fit for you and your family but he can also help you save time in the future by already knowing what health conditions you might have.

2. Convenience: Building a good relationship with a broker that you can trust will also save you time when your renewal comes up in the future and you want to shop the marketplace for a more competitive rate.

3. Customer service: Find agent that offers great customer service. One that will help you when problems arise with your carrier.

For example: Yesterday I received a call from one of my customers that received an explanation of benefits telling her that her recent claim was being billed as out of network. I called the carrier to find out why because the hospital that she went to was definitely an “in network” facility. They told me which network the claim had been submitted too and it was the wrong network. So I called up the claims department at the hospital and asked them to resubmit the claim using the proper network which was on the back of her health insurance card. Problem solved!

4. Underwriting Access: Brokers will have access to the underwriting department with each carrier that consumers do not have. This is a huge advantage simply because you won’t waste time filling out an application with a carrier that would decline you.

I recommend going with an agent that specializes in Illinois Health Insurance and one you can build a long term relationship with that has YOUR best interest at heart. Find one that will take the time to explain your coverage to you and one that has plenty of experience with health insurance in Illinois. Also make sure that they have access to the top carriers in the state, this can be especially important if you have any kind of pre-existing health conditions.

Think about your reward – No More Stress – No More Worries – and Mission Accomplished!