Florida Mining Dilemma

Florida Phosphate Mining Accident

Bone Valley region, also known as the Peace River watershed, located in the south-west of central Florida, about 30 miles east of Tampa Bay. World Cancer Watershed includes part of modern Hardee, Hillsborough, Manatee and Polk counties, where the produced phosphate for use in the production of agricultural fertilizers. Florida currently contains the largest known deposits of phosphates in the United States.

Look from space

Take a closer look at what you can see from Google Maps. See hyperlink:

"Https://www.Google.com/maps?ll=27.840787,-81.99678&z=10&t=m&hl=en-US&gl=US&mapclient=embed" You will see a large area of ‚Äč‚Äčland, about thirty miles east of Tampa Bay on Florida peninsula. This area is known as the Peace River watershed. Here you will see numerous, very large man-made square or rectangular shaft pit, filled with clear fresh water from ground aquifer systems.

These square pit filled with fresh water aquifer different from beautiful natural lakes and ponds in Florida. These huge square pits artificial craters are made of phosphate dragline excavation of phosphates hundred feet in the natural water of Florida. Water supply in the form of ground or groundwater "aquifer system". Google Maps shows clearly phosphate dragline stripped and ground scars Southwest Central Florida full square mile of a phosphate mine alone.

The term phosphate Industries "overload" most famous scrolls faces as lakes, ponds, trees, pasture, grass lands, rivers, natural springs, aquifer systems, river basins, etc. dragline so large and numerous that they are to mine thousands of acres of "overload" in just a month. These huge dragline mine down a hundred feet penetrating then crushing and complete removal of the natural water-bearing systems in Florida. Untold about the & # 39; water volume is no longer placed in the aquifer system are free to fill the newly created phosphate pits on the south-west of central Florida land.

At the time of this writing, thousands of square miles of the most important wetlands, aquifer systems and watersheds continue to be purchased by the phosphate mining industry for the purpose of mining strip content. All this takes place with the permission of the state and the counties of Florida, as they issue permits designed to phosphate mines. Unfortunately, these permissions provide access to the phosphate strip mining the rich geography of Florida, including unique aquifer system of Florida. aquifer system of Florida took the character of the Millennium (thousands of years), to improve and many of them are now completely disappeared. Or & # 39 Florida phosphate is more valuable than the watershed and aquifers Florida? Florida politician and phosphate mining industry band say it every day. (2) Florida Department of environmental services says, "… in 2000, $ 1.13 billion based on phosphate fertilizers exported from Florida makes it even one of the leading export products of Florida."

Phosphate Dragline in action

(1) United States Geological Society (the USGS) said, dragline can be hundreds of feet in height and can weigh hundreds of tons, as well. Huge dragline bucket holds up to 65 cubic yards of overburden, which will completely fill 10 standard trucks. Dragline removes up to 100 feet of land, known as the overload in the phosphate industry. Unfortunately, the first 60 feet of earth hold the real treasures of Florida.

Overburden simply discarded, resulting in a "phosphate fell off." These shelves located on the side of what is called "pit phosphate mine." Phosphate mine pit with a & # 39 is akin to a lunar landscape is opposed to the & # 39; appearance of the natural beauty of Florida. Phosphate strip mining works 365 days a year all over the south-western part of central Florida. This is a steady removal of overburden on the Florida phosphate industry causing irreparable harm to the aquifer systems in Florida.

Watershed and Aquifer

Peace River watershed covers 2,300 square miles in the area south-west of Central Florida. It contains most of Florida's phosphate mining industry, including the Bone Valley. As mentioned earlier, phosphate mining companies use dragline strip to remove surface soil (known as overload) hundred feet down, removing the thousands of acres adjacent aquifers Florida systems.

Florida law requires that the surface (60 feet), must be disposed of. Marshes disposed per acre for acre, the type for the type of substrate. Phosphate industry reported more than 180,000 acres (728 km2), have been restored in the Peace River watershed. The phosphate industry is actively promoting its reclamation projects, such as wetlands and restore watershed. Unfortunately, we were given only half-truths.

The whole truth

aquifers, can not simply be replaced during the reclamation phase. This fact is not of & # 39 is a sub & # 39 objective, because a person can not replace what nature has taken thousands of years to create. Aquifers gone, along with one of the most amazing natural resources of Florida's rich fresh water. Phosphate industry claims that they have reclaimed more than 180,000 acres. This is only half the truth, because it does not include an equal amount of acreage of water-bearing horizons of Florida that are gone forever. Oddly enough, the phosphate with & # 39; a decline in exports.

Dragline Work Defined

Wikipedia says: "Great walking dragline working twenty-four hours a day in surface mines, dig crude phosphate pebbles, mixed with clay and sand (known as matrix) in bone valley …".

Florida aquifer system is connected to the failure?

In (1) the USGS said, areas prone to collapse into craters located at the south-western part of central Florida land. Funnels may be caused by a large amount of water intake, phosphate bands included mine. These karst based on rock types, aquifers, aquifer layer destruction and lack of groundwater. This is based on the geological hydraulic pressure generated aquifer systems. Thus, the lack of water pressure on the surface due to the aquifer destruction leads to overburden collapse and become unstable in some cases. Unfortunately, the loss of life and property can occur during the collapse of the surface. Again, the data indicate the phosphate industry in the form of craters, caused by the destruction formation aquifer.

Aquifers hydraulic lifts nature. Filled with water, aquifers can not be compressed so that the surface of the water-bearing systems with & # 39 is stable, i.e. no funnel. However, if aquifers are crushed and removed water in these aquifers is now free from the containment. It's more about & # 39; the amount of water fills a very large deep holes with clean pure fresh water. The most interesting is that nature is now working against us as funnels to develop a more geologically close, crushed aquifer system ..

Southwest central river basins and aquifer Florida dying due to destruction of the aquifer system via the extraction phosphate strip operations. Treasures of Florida, known phosphate mines in Florida phosphate industry as stripping, broken for the valuable phosphate.

aquifer system in Florida is now completely removed along with stripping with huge phosphate dragline. Valuable phosphate is removed, leaving (visible from Google Maps) huge blue holes. These beautiful big blue hole tens of thousands of acres of phosphate rock band car & # 39; er, where local natural aquifers have been completely destroyed.

Not surprisingly, the Tampa Bay area in Florida drain catastrophe. This area is in the immediate vicinity of the largest phosphate mines in the continental United States, where the surface of the entire south-western part of central Florida Land provided the largest aquifer system in the state. The system is known as Flordan water system. See hyperlink:

(1) The US Geological Survey (USGS).

(2) Florida Department of environmental services.

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