Phosphate Permitting, Altman tract Menatte Florida

West Central Florida with a & # 39 is home to the mega-mining the phosphate industry. The area is also rich in a single ecosystem of its kind in the world. This unique ecosystem with & # 39 is one of the reasons why Florida has so many visitors each year. Billions of dollars were given to the state through tourism, because Florida with & # 39 is the only state with a tropical climate, except for Hawaii (3). However, the phosphate industry officials intend to completely eradicate the unique ecosystem of the Western and Central Florida for phosphate rock just under the surface.

In the recent past, about the environmental devastation caused by the news it was Florida phosphate industry extends to the communities around central Florida. The news at the local level, but can not seem to find a national coverage. Interestingly, if the (sinful) lawsuits brought against strip mining ruthless, powerful tactic appears branch officials.

Manatee County, Florida phosphate industry is facing severe financial tactics and various other political strategies with the & # 39 are a very effective deterrent and can be seen every day, who are looking for. Manatee County commissioners are now aware of (financial) pressure, the phosphate industry officials can be used threats of lawsuits totaling more than $ 600 million (2). Industry takes in Manatee County Court for failure is extremely necessary permits because the Florida Department of Environmental Protection said that the planning of industry reports failed to provide accurate information, a clear plan for reclamation and the necessary financial guarantees that the site will be properly corrected after extraction.

Phosphate industry officials have used to get their way, even if it is a & # 39 is an environmentally dangerous to do it for the citizens of Florida as a whole. The value of the industry using financial muscle to kill as they please, where anyone will be denied. Historically, the phosphate industry officials are financially bully who oppose their views on the "status quo."

Phosphate industry officials insist on open-pit mining another 2048-acre tract in Manatee County called Altman tract (1). This tract is adjacent to the recently strip-mined landscape, located near the pristine headwaters of Horse Creek, in the world of the river basin, which accounts for about fifteen percent of the normal flow in the lower reaches of the rivers of the world. All this threatens to Charlotte Harbor, Florida, at the risk of local centers bring in hundreds of millions of dollars annually.

At the same time officials of Charlotte County are in talks with the phosphate industry. This is very important because the Hardee County is adjacent to the Manatee County in Florida. Unfortunately, by Charlotte officials presented phosphate ruthless and now on board with industry officials and reluctant to issue permits for the incision areas adjacent to the previously stripped huge tract. The agreement provided for the requested change to provide more stringent restrictions in the area of ​​Charlotte County officials persons referred to above. Changes that require Charlotte County is not worth the phosphate industry "status quo"; as will be seen, when officials Mosaic Co. will entertain requests. Historically, Florida phosphate industry officials do not like to change the status quo, now it is in the industrial sector contribute.

Nevertheless, the trial is significantly increased over the production of phosphate strip in central Florida. Mosaic Company with & # 39 is the defendant, in this case, simultaneously fighting several legal battles in the four districts of central Florida, employing three different law firms, based in Tampa, Orlando, and, of course, Tallahassee (capital). Phosphate mining giant Mosaic Company contesting the Manatee County for 617 million dollars, only two weeks after Mosaic was denied permission to Cut an environmentally protected Altman tract (over 2000 acres).

Manatee County can not compete financially with officials of the Florida phosphate industry. County officials to submit financial pressure and the threat of legal battles "permission" Mosaic Co. in this case, to deprive the mine more than 2,000 acres of pristine environment contested wetlands, springs, rivers, aquifers, marine flora and fauna, as well as habitat for thousands of species of life, including both flora and fauna.


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